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Tomorrow is Twosday

The day has come, tomorrow it will be 22/02/2022 a palindrome and an ambigram. The last really good day with numerology was 11/11/11 and Skyrim came out. I really hope that there is going to be a surprise drop of a new Elderscrolls tomorrow. That would just be awesome. That day pales in comparison to twosday because it was technically 11/11/2011 which is trash compared to twosday. I mean the craziest thing about twosday is the fact that it falls on a Tuesday. Tons of people are planning their weddings for that day because it takes two to make a think go right. Vegas is even putting a marriage license place in the airport to support all the couples trying to get married that day. 


So much money is going to be on black 22 or red 2 playing roulette that day. Blackjack will probably not be a good choice due to busting on 22 IMO. 

I don’t think numerology wise anything in my lifetime will top twosday. I am going to do everything I usually do in 2s, I am going to 2x my life.