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Michael Jordan Is Still The Star Of The Show

2022, room full of stars, generations of respect, billions of dollars earned, and STILL nobody grabs the spotlight like MJ. This isn’t a shot at anybody else, either. Michael Jordan is just that goddamn cool. 

Jordan had been missing from the entirety of the NBA 75 celebration up until tonight. They had to sub in Michael B. Jordan for the NBA Lane commercial that kicked off the season just to have someone with the name involved  

It would have felt weird if the entire season went by without, yanno, the widely accepted greatest player the game has ever seen involved in any way. Especially when it’s not like he’s some Silvia Plath type recluse, he owns the goddamn Hornets he’s at games all the time.

Part of me thinks he did it to remind everyone. In Cleveland. With the other 75 greatest players who ever lived, openly challenging Magic to play 1-on-1, embracing LeBron and probably challenging him all the same. Which reminds me.

We’ve spent, essentially, the last 20 years forcing the LeBron-Jordan debate to the point where each side genuinely hates the other. So much so that you begin to think these dudes hate must each other. Two uber competitors simply have to think they’re better than one another. And I’m sure they do. But that hatred has never existed. Didn’t exist between Jordan and Kobe, either.

That wasn’t quite “Ted Williams riding the golf cart out at the ‘99 All Star Game” but man if it didn’t feel close. I wish it was 20 minutes longer, David Stern would’ve forced Jordan and Magic to lace ‘em up to make up for the dunk contest last night.