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WE GOT A MELEE IN THE HANDSHAKE LINE - Juwan Howard Loses His Shit, Slaps A Wisconsin Coach And Punches Start Flying

Good Lord, this is new. Can't say I've seen too many head coaches go after another head coach like that and then slap an assistant coach in the handshake line. Words exchanged? Sure. That happens all the time. But this was Howard legit trying to scrap with Gard and then he seemed to realize he was about to throw a punch and slapped an assistant. It wasn't a 'punch' so we'll go with slap. Needless to say Howard is going to be suspended for probably the rest of the season because he starts it all and that's just how the Big 10 and schools tend to operate. Then we get a bunch of punches thrown and it's a legit melee. 

So what started all of this? Michigan had its starters in down big and was pressing. Wisconsin called timeout with 15 seconds left so Michigan fouled. Yep, that's it. Now it's all stupid. Just run the game out and get out of there. I'll say this. Juwan Howard is HIGH on the list of college coaches I wouldn't want to fight. No sir. Give me someone like Bruce Weber or Chris Collins instead of Juwan Howard. The list is simple of who I wouldn't want to fight: 

1. Mark Adams - Gold Glove boxer

2. Juwan Howard

3. Mick Cronin - for sure would fight dirty

That said, the suck it chop is diabolical:

Perfect way to end a fight right there. You won the game, hit em with the DX suck it. All in all just an insane thing to watch play out.