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David Onama Hits 14 PUNCH COMBO Straight Out Of A Video Game To KO Opponent

David Onama vs Gabriel Benítez was one of Dana White's 'If You Don't Know, Now You Know' fights he chose to highlight on his Instagram heading into this card tonight, and THAT RIGHT THERE is why! 

The UFC's first Ugandan-born fighter just turned it up to 11 at the end of the first round and simply went berserk in throwing punches in bunches/playing ping-pong against the cage with Gabriel Benítez's head. I think I counted 13-14 shots in a row like it was a fuckin Street Fighter combo! Extreme explosiveness/speed on display here, and a SCARY KO (especially after it took Benítez so long to get up). This marks Onama's sixth first round finish in his short career and keeps his 100% finish rate going, and anybody with those stats/that kinda power is worth paying attention to in my opinion.

Oh, and congrats to Chas Skelly who landed a big KO in his retirement fight....

Hell of a way to go out! Main card starting now on ESPN+! Let's go!