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So Many Texas Tech Fans Showed Up In Austin, Texas Reportedly Had To Kick Out THEIR OWN Students From The Arena

I tried telling everyone how fucking ruthless Texas Techs fans are. They are one of the most rabid fanbases in all of this sport. Still crazy seeing them and Auburn fans get all the compliments but when your football programs suck it makes sense. Now, here they are again with Chris Beard. Remember, Texas tried to prevent this. 

Instead you got Texas fans apparently booting their own students out. That's as embarrassing as it comes. Texas confirmed not back in any capacity, even if they win this game. They are up 4 as I blog this. You can't kick out your own students who likely stood in line for a few hours. 

Oh and the tortilla at Chris Beard's foot is just next level trolling. I get it that they hate him, but it's hilarious. This is a home game for Beard and he's got tortillas flying at him! Fucking ruthless fanbase.