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Jersey Jerry Went Into The Metaverse, Fell In Love And Now May Never Return Back To The Real World

Barstool Plays VR is here!

The Barstool Plays series is back and we're kicking it off with the Oculus and having various personalities enter the metaverse. First up was Jersey Jerry who loved VR so much that he immediately purchased his own Oculus 2 seconds after playing.

This week, we wanted to get everyone's toes wet with the Oculus and VR.  So, we downloaded this game called "Job Simulator" once we saw that you could simulate an auto mechanic. Immediately the question arose, "How blue collar is Barstool Sports in the Metaverse?" Obviously, there was only one person would could kick us off - Jersey Jerry and he did not disappoint. Him, Duggs and maybe Kelly Keegs are probably the only people I'd let go near my virtual car. 

Hope you guys enjoy the video - next week we'll be dropping Barstool Sports vs Drunken Bar's gonna be a good one.

What VR games should we play next?