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Hell Of A Week One-Armed Basketball Star Hanel Enmanuel: Appear In A Video For J. Cole, Receive A Scholarship From Memphis

Well this is a decent Friday for Hansel Enmanuel. The guy started the week appearing in a J. Cole video: 

Now this isn't his first Division I offer, it's actually his third. But this is the first major program to offer Enmanuel. His other offers are Bethune-Cookman and Tennessee State. I've blogged about him before but it's remarkable. Here's the backstory of how he lost his arm when he was 6 years old. (h/t Orlando Sentinel)

Donato Domínguez remembers as if it were yesterday the moment when his life changed forever. He was 6 years old when he was playing in his native Dominican Republic and a wall came down. He was trapped for almost two hours and it was his father who had to come to his rescue. That day he lost his left arm and with this the hope of playing baseball again, a sport that he practiced at that time.

The dude can play too. It's wild watching him because, again, he has one arm. This dude is flat out dominating some games. He's taking over games. He's doing it against legit competition too. He's not playing a bunch of 5'3" dudes that pay $25,000 just to go to a high school. Now I want to see Hansel blow up even more. It'd be awesome to watch him at a good program in college. Need him to go somewhere else besides Memphis. Can't be cheering for Memphis. 

Obligatory mixtape video: