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My Earlier Blog Was A Lie, A Bold Face Lie - This Is The Coolest Play To Run At The End Of A Basketball Game

I need to apologize about this blog: 


Coolest way to win at the buzzer, sure. But what we see in the clip above is the coolest play to win a game. They sealed the game, it looks like they are up 44-42 with 8 seconds left when they break out the out of bounds 3-man weave leading to a dunk. It's awesome. I need a mid-major to break this out in a 3/14 first round game. Now, the fear of that is this is how a college ref would handle it. 

Followed by at least a 5 minute review. No doubt that's what Teddy Valentine would do. We've seen college teams go with the football play out of bounds. Line up all 5 guys out of bounds, have 4 of them run different routes and get the ball in to get fouled. But this? This is something I've never seen before. I need to know how drunk the coaches were when they designed this. No doubt they were at the bar after a game one night coming up with some plans and this genius struck. 

Oh and finishing it with a dunk? Yeah that makes it cooler. I'd give credit for a solid fundamental layup after the weave, but dunking it always plays. So my bad on the lie earlier. This was just brought to my attention.