Pacers Legend Tristan Thompson Posts A Heartfelt Goodbye Message To Indy On Instagram ... The Team He Was With For 4 Games

Fuck it, I'm all in on this move. Tristan Thompson spent 4 games with the Pacers. Sure, he helped them win a game, which probably isn't great for a team tanking. But Tristan Thompson felt the love in Indy. All four games he was there. All 16 minutes per game he played there. The man loved his time. He wants to thank Indy for welcoming him during that time. I want this to happen more often. Still waiting for Carmelo to give the Hawks and Atlanta a thank you post. Who could forget his time there? 

This also just needs to be Thompson's thing. If he gets cut or moved from the Bulls? He better write a very nice thank you letter to Barstool Chicago. He needs to put a full page ad out in Sacramento. Just keep it up and be the guy who writes super nice thank you posts. 

I one day hope to have this sort of irrational confidence. Feeling the need to write a thank you post on social media for a place you were at for a few games? Hell, might need to start doing it for vacations. I can admit that at someone in my mid-30s my hope of playing pro sports is out the window. I've come to accept that. But vacations? I can do that. Gonna send thank you posts to the cities I spend some time in. Might even have to do it whenever Bench Mob stops having me on. What an insane move that I have to respect.