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We Have A New Entry For The Coolest Way To Win A Basketball Game: The Full Court Alley-Oop Layup That's 100% On Purpose

I don't care if this is NAIA basketball, there are very few cooler ways to win than a full court alley-oop. We see a ton of jumpers, we see steals and stuff. But this? This is one of the best passes you can make. It's tougher than anyone will give credit for because it looks easy. That's a pin point pass that I've been dying to see as a Giants fan. Hell, even the catch is something I've been dying to see as a Giants fan. Pretty ridiculous finish too. Guy does a little hitch while in the air and still finishes it through some traffic. You know it's a great play when a dude leaves the celebration with this look. 


I need Division I teams to put this in the playbook ASAP. We saw it a little bit in Iowa/Michigan last night. Right before halftime, Iowa brought in Connor McCaffery to throw a baseball pass to Keegan Murray. It worked. Murray made a jumper. But now I want full court alley-oops at all times. Bring in the backup QB as a walk-on and use him strictly for this play and this play only. Only way cooler would be finishing it with a dunk. 

March is near.