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Adam Sandler's New Basketball Movie Looks AWESOME

A washed-up basketball scout discovers a phenomenal street ball player while in Spain and sees the prospect as his opportunity to get back into the NBA.

There are a few things that everyone knows about Adam Sandler:

1. He takes care of his guys 

2. He loves wearing baggy ass shorts 

3. He LOVES basketball 

Outside of seeing the occasional clip of him playing pickup games, a very funny scene in the under-appreciated 'Eight Crazy Nights' and an ok one in 'Grown Ups', he hasn't got a chance to explore the game much. 

Giphy Images.

So him getting to do 'The Scout' but with real life basketball player Juan Hernangómez is awesome because you KNOW he is passionate about the subject and he has the dramatic chops to make a movie like this work. 

This movie also has one of the most under-appreciated actors in the game, Ben Foster, and a legend in Robert Duvall. It also obviously features cameos from other real-life NBA world people important to Philly like Kyle Lowry, a bunch of 76ers(both current and now former) and Doc Rivers. I will note that, while real life pro-sports cameos are always exciting in a sports movie, there is always a risk that a movie depends too much on them to establish legitimacy. It was kind of distracting in the recent movie 'National Champions'.

If this movie ends up being awesome, maybe it will convince 2k/madden to leave the storytelling to the pros and leave this sort of shit out of their games. I'm so fucking SICK of jamming the skip button a trillion times so I can actually play whatever sport i bought the game to play. Never forget Dion Waiters sick line read for 2k.