It's A Shame Al Horford Ruined Joel Embiid's MVP Chances Because 45 and 14 While Beating The Defending Champ Bucks Is Pretty Damn MVP

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Damn you, Al Horford! Damn you straight back to the nearest Tastykake Factory where you might as well have been 24/7 while in Philly! One would think Joel Hans Embiid would've taken a step closer to MVP/God status after going 45/14/5 and beating the defending NBA Champion Bucks on their home court while out-dueling his fellow MVP/God Giannis to the death, but NOPE! Al Horford and the Celtics ruined those hopes and dreams! Even after last night's performance non-biased, prominent NBA writers still chime in out of nowhere for zero reason whatsoever when Joel Embiid is having a reality confirmed MVP performance of a night:  

You're only as good as your next game, and after the Sixers lost at home to the Celtics by 50 48, they responded. I don't really pay attention to other markets but I'm sure the C's built on their Championship-like victory in Philly and returned home to Boston to continue their winning streak vs. the last place Pistons. Right? 

But I honestly didn't think the SIxers had it in them right before the ASB and even said I thought they were going to pack it in to rest the boys before the game even started. Nope. The Philadelphia 76ers got Moxy. Gusto. Heart. And it's only going to get better...

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PS - "Joel Embiid scored 3 FG in a 50 point loss and then you dropped confetti going to OT you losers!" - Every Celtics fan's random, unprompted rebuttal to a glimmer of Philadelphia Sixers success in 2038. Watch. 

PPS - First Time, Long TIme. Watch. Listen. Sub. Live. Love. We'll hang up and listen.