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Must Watch: A British Guy Gave 8 Hours Of ELECTRIC Play-By-Play Commentary As Planes Tried To Land At London's Heathrow Airport In 80 MPH Winds As 200K+ Viewers Watched Live On YouTube

Blogger's Note: I blogged this at 7:45 AM ET this morning when it was streaming live and every time I tuned in this dude was, to borrow a phrase, an electric factory. I checked back in on the blog at the end of the day and saw he kept going for 8 HOURS STRAIGHT while never losing his fastball the entire time with cutting British wit and self deprecation as terrified British pilots and passengers touched down. An absolute legend of the broadcasting game and I cannot subscribe to his YouTube fast enough after seeing him put in work today. Feel free to jump around because no matter where you land, you will be entertained. 

A Quick Preview For People That Don’t Want To Commit To Clicking On A Live YouTube Stream:

I know everyone is still getting their days started on this side of the pond, but I had to pass along this incredible broadcast of some guy announcing planes landing in CRAZY winds as everyone eats their breakfast and gets dressed. There is something about British accents that always makes an event feel bigger and this guy is also as entertaining as he is knowledgeable to the point I think Portnoy may hire him whenever he wakes up in his fancy Miami mansion.

I mean he seamlessly transitioned calling a 747 landing to singing a song about some ponies frolicking in a field in front of him after calling everything he sees for 5 hours straight (and counting).

Considering this bloke had 200K YouTube viewers watching live as I blog this, he may hold out for that Alex Cooper money and based on everything I've seen so far, he just might be worth it if he can come up with a catchphrase even close to the Gluck Gluck 9000.

Also God bless the people on those planes holding their breath as we watch them safely land because I mentally say goodbye to my family every single time the littlest bit of turbulence hits my plane and the people flying don't have this guy's awesome demeanor to calm them down. Suddenly being stuck in a bit of traffic during your Friday commute this morning very safely on the ground doesn't seem so awful.

UPDATE: We have commercial vehicle aficionado Zah dialed in and he is FIRED UP. I love it.