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People Are Now Remixing "My Name's Kodak Black But When You See Me I'm White" & They Are All Absolute Bangers

I think it's safe to say this past week's Sundae Conversation was nothing short of outrageous. From the Trump letter written to Kodak Black, to Caleb & I dancing, to me singing Piano Man to Kodak, to Kodak explaining to us how bridges & tunnels are made, it was all utterly ridiculous. 

You must watch ALL of that above in that youtube. Yet BY FAR the most catchy part of the whole conversation was the beginning as Kodak, in maybe the catchiest tune of all-time, raps "My name Kodak Black but when you see me I'm white". You can't sit here and tell me it's not a banger.

It's SO MUCH so a banger that people are now adding beats to it and remixing it. Nothing short of iconic stuff. Just be warned this will now be stuck in your head for at the very least the next week. Don't say I didn't warn you.


I hope Mr. Black gives me a ring on the cellphone when it comes time to hop on the studio to record this song. A little Piano Man sample? I'm in.