Arizona State Players Talked Shit As They Cleared Out QB Jayden Daniels' Locker After He Announced He's Transferring

Things are going well in Tempe.

Arizona State quarterback Jayden Daniels announced Thursday he will transfer after throwing for more than 6,000 yards and 32 touchdowns in 29 games as a Sun Devil. More importantly, Daniels' announcement comes in the wake of an ongoing NCAA investigation into recruiting violations at ASU and following the departure of five coaches since last year.

Everything seems to be great in the locker room, though. All that stuff clearly isn't having an effect on the players.

I will say though, it is SO DUMB to record anything like this. Makes the entire program looks terrible. Why would anyone currently in the transfer portal get excited to go to a program who acts like that? And more importantly, how do kids continue to record and put things like this on the internet? Just keep it in-house, it's so simple, but yet nobody seems to grasp it at all. Also obviously filming yourselves doing this doesn't exactly make Daniels look like the bad guy.

I'm just glad to see Herm Edwards is running a tight ship over there. I will say though- spin zone, if everyone in the locker room is in agreement about hating one guy, maybe it is a nice family atmosphere afterall? Nothing brings people together more than their mutual dislike of one guy within the lockerroom. Maybe Jayden will take 30 days off and come back better than ever? We shall see, I suppose.