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REPORT: Stefon Diggs Allegedly Had Two Women In The Same Hotel In Two Different Rooms On Valentine's Day


And they say romance is dead?!?! They say chivalry has been thrown out the window??? Think again, my friends, because this young buck Stefon Diggs knows how to treat the ladies right. What do you do when you're dating multiple women at the same time and Valentine's Day comes about? You fly them both to the same city, put them up in the same hotel, and treat them both to a lovely V-Day, of course. 

The IG is hard to follow but I guess everything matches up, the girls have been linked to him, and they both put the hotel on their IG stories on Valentine's Day. Take a damn bow, Stefon. 

Personally, this seems exhausting. Was he running back and forth between the two rooms all night? Couple pumps here, "sorry babe, gotta run out and take this phone call", couple pumps there? Or did he block off a couple hours for each girl and make them feel special? I would love to know more details of this absolute kingly move.

I will say this though- looks like he has a bit of a reputation. You never want to be THE guy with THE reputation. It'll always catch up to you in sports. Money, girls, etc. The devil's playthings. I mean Dalvin Cook still hasn't recovered from playing with Diggs, it appears: 



Diggs world and we're just living in it. #HeATerp