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The First Trailer For 'ELVIS' Makes It Look Like a Toilet Movie

Chronicles the life and career of rock-and-roll legend Elvis Presley.


I remember when this movie was first announced, I was excited because there is a man I thought was perfect for the role: Miles Teller. He has the look, the pipes and the skill to pull the role off perfectly. When he didn't get the role(I say that as if I know he auditioned for it or something), I tuned out almost immediately. After watching this trailer, I'm glad I did. 

First off, I just hate this format for a trailer drop. Any time an actor or director gives a speech before a trailer, it immediately pisses me off. I wana see a preview of the movie, not a god damn TED talk. This trailer not only had that, but a full 5 minutes of interviews attached to the trailer. Just tweet the trailer! Post the other shit later. 

As far as the actual trailer goes, it didn't do a ton for me. It has the very clear Baz Luhrmann sheen of crappy VFX backgrounds, a weird hard-metal intro to Elvis's music and not a lot of interesting dialogue. Austin Butler doesn't really look a lot like Elvis, which isn't a deal breaker by any means. However, he doesn't sound much like Elvis either. That just makes me more upset that we aren't seeing Miles Teller in the role. 

Baz himself is a director that is a very mixed bag. I liked 'Moulin Rogue!', but 'The Great Gatsby' was just ok and I found both 'Australia' and 'Romeo + Juliet' to be HUGE stinkers. He just has a certain style that isn't for everyone, and I think i am part of the everyone in this scenario. I really would like to see a movie based on Elvis' crazy life, but I just don't have much of an interest in this one/