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JUSTICE: A Dad In France Is Facing Jail Time After Cutting An Entire Town's Internet Just So His Kids Would Get Off Social Media

Jakub Porzycki. Shutterstock Images.

[Post] - A French dad desperate to block his kids from spending too much time on social media went off the rails when he unintentionally cut out the entire town of Messanges’ internet service, France Bleu Gascogne reported.

The unnamed papa faces up to six months in prison and a hefty fine for disconnecting the town’s internet access with a scrambler, which is illegal under French law.

The patriarch purchased the jammer to block connection to the web in his home between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. when his children would be addictively scrolling social media, authorities said. Unbeknownst to him, though, the device blocked not only the access to the internet for his house but for the entire beach town of Messanges, in southwestern France.

The father is now being prosecuted and faces up to six months in prison. He also faces up to a 30,000 euro fine (about $34,000), as well as a 450 euro fee ($511) for the ANFR to investigate.

I'm speaking as a father here. I understand taking away screen time and eventually social media when the time comes. But, BUT, we're talking about the hours of midnight-3am? Dude, who cares? Better than them out running around causing a ruckus during those times. I also think about when my generation was younger during the hours of midnight-3am. It was called trying to find some scrambled porn. Then it was using Kazaa to download porn. Way better than out egging some house or something. 

But talk about your all-time backfires. Here you are as a dad, which again, I 100% understand you get frustrated because kids are morons, and you jam up an entire town's Internet. As someone who has thought about chucking a can when my internet cuts out, this is fair. People work from home asshole. People are trying to scroll social media for a career you asshole. Jail time? Maybe a little harsh. But scare him. Fine him. People deserve the internet! 

This is just a peak frustrated dad though. This is a father who hit his limit and snapped. Every single dad has done it at some point. It's just a matter of what. Step on a lego one too many times. Listen to the same song one too many times. Watch the same episode of the same show one too many times. Kid doesn't eat all his dinner one too many times. Whatever it is, we're programmed to hit our limit. Dads overreact. That's just a fact. This dad decided jamming up the internet was the way to go. I get it. I just care about the internet more.