The IIHF Has Announced That The WJC Will Be Played In August After It Got Canceled By That Bitch Omicron

Oh FUCK yeah. Let's goooo. August is always the dog days. Summer version of February for sports. It sucks, but at least football is around the corner and the weather is warm. Not anymore though. We are going to have one of the best tournaments in the world going on and for the first time ever we can watch it on a rooftop bar. Yes, I will be throwing a party for the USA-Canada game and it'll be awesome. 

I love the tournament every year. It is a great little treat during Christmas vacation. I like it even better when it is in Europe. Big time hockey over a morning coffee hits different. Having said that...playing it in August isn't a bad idea at all. Nobody has their season interrupted. It is right after the Ivan Hlinka tournament so these guys should have a little more chemistry than they normally would coming in for a short tournament. Everyone should in theory be healthy. is a first look at the 2023 draft class which is looking like one of the best, or at least most top heavy, in a LONG time. I think most people have heard of Conor Bedard by now. I've blogged about the Russian kid, Michkov, who by all accounts is going to be the 2nd pick and probably the best Russian to be drafted since Ovi and Malkin. 

A name you may not know is right in our own backyard. Or, more parents' backyard. Adam Fantelli. Fantelli plays for the Chicago Steel in the USHL. Canadian kid. BIG. 6'2 or 6'3 and thick. And can skate. And can do this

This kid, to me, is the name to watch out for. This is a playoff piece. A building block. A Toews type. I don't care about the Blackhawks giving up a 2022 1st round pick for Jones. If they do sell off pieces at the deadline this year, which they should, they need to be accumulating assets for the 2023 draft with the hope of some lottery luck that lands them in the Top 3 so they can get this kid. Adam Fantilli. Remember him. See you all in August