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Eli Apple Is Running His Mouth Again, Promising To Unleash A Demon And I Hope Bengals Fans Are Stuck With This Guy Forever

How can I put this kindly? Let me try here. Shut the fuck up, Eli Apple. This dude (and his mom) are both great at running their mouths. You know what he's not great at? Stopping touchdowns. Being anything more than an average defensive back. Living up to being a top-10 pick, which is still one of the dumbest things the Giants have ever done. Now, after getting smoked by Cooper Kupp for the game-winning touchdown, he's back to talking about unleashing the demon to exponential levels. Can't wait for the first play next season when he gets torched for 75 yards. 

Good thing is he's absolutely beloved in the league! 


Starting to think there's a trend there. He's perfect for Bengals fans though, well at least the super annoying part of Bengals fans. Those who just think they are owed everything. Those still screaming about refs costing them the Super Bowl. Those who think everyone is out to get poor old Cincinnati. Maybe you just weren't good enough. That's really the Eli Apple story. An average defensive back who thinks he's supposed to be better. 

Nah man there's a reason you got lost ... twice ... in the Super Bowl. He's one of my least favorite Giants ever, somewhere slightly ahead of Matt Dodge. Spare me the excuses or anything with this guy. I hope Bengals have to defend him forever.