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Wander Franco Hitting Tanks At This Beat Up Dirt Field Is Bad News For The Rest Of Baseball

There’s something so pure about Wander Franco, who signed a $182 million deal last season, taking BP on this dirty, not maintained, beat up baseball field. I saw a tweet saying it was the same field he grew up playing on but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. If it is it makes the video that much cooler. He doesn't care where he is, he'll hit tanks regardless. Doesn't matter if there's not a real home plate, he's still going to put on a show. Doesn't matter if theres trash cans and garbage down the left field line, one of the best young players in the game is still going to get his hacks in. When you can't work out with your training and coaching staff and can't use the facilities you use whatever you can. 

He never had the luxury of these nice fields or sick training complexes, doesn't matter to him though, he turned out alright. It almost looks like the exact field The Sandlot was filmed on, kind of expected to see the beast catching balls in his mouth over the fence. I wont make the joke that this is a nicer field than the Trop, I wont do it. Some other people may, but that isn't a joke for me to make. He doesn't need all the nice amenities that he would have in spring training. He's going to keep training and raking on this field and turn it into a monster season in a few weeks when the CBA is agreed upon. All jokes aside it's a very humble move of him to practice at this field in his hometown, he doesn't care about the condition of the field, all he cares about is the sport.

That swing of his is so pretty too, and he looks to be in great shape. Arms look bigger, shoulders look bigger. He does turn 21 in a few weeks so we forget he's still growing into his body which is actually insane to think about. I think we see a huge season out of Wander. It wouldn't surprise me at all if we see him finish the season top 3 in MVP voting. Just watch. Hop aboard the Wander hype train now, kid is going to be a problem. And since we won't get the spring training slow mo BP videos, this will have to do for now. Guys training on dirt fields is still enough to get me going.