Glenny Balls' 8th Official Only Fans Power Rankings Of The Week

Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok! Last week was a hell of a rebound after that all-time blunder that went down in week 6 that we will not be mentioning! I like to pride myself on surviving & advancing and that's exactly what we did last week. A true bounce-back performance much like Joe Burrow this past NFL season. And the best part about all that is now we can get back to business as usual…which is power ranking Only Fans models like the good lord intended it. I don't wanna take up too much more time of yours on this outrageously BEAUTIFUL Friday. So go enjoy this crazy weather with your pals tonight. Go out, enjoy some cold ones, throw on some Third Eye Blind and have night, but before then…it's time for some Only Fans rankings.

#5 Amber Ajami

So first off…hand up here…I am VERY sad I didn't retweet this to potentially be Amber Ajami's Valentine but WHATEVER maybe we can get 'em next year. I am extremely proud of this find by me though earlier this week as I just happened to be roaming around my For You page on Tik Tok when low and behold this appeared…

As always you then HAVE TO follow the Tik Tok trail to the Instagram which then leads to the link tree which then leads to the Only Fans. $3.28 for 28 days. Get on there ASAP!

#4 HayleyToTheMax

Here we have our first repeat player of the week in HayleyToTheMax. Hayley is, frankly, worthy of being on this last every. single. damn. week. which is exactly why she's back in week 8 at our 4th position. Now granted the $15 subscription price is a little steeper than others as the free trial runs are now all the craze in the only fans world, yet she's simply just that good. This is someone you won't regret subscribing too. Well worth the 1 day lunch price of $15.

#3 Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook! If you're a reader of you would know this is not the first time you've heard this name as Mr. Natedawg has been blogging about Ms. Cook for quite some time…

…And he's been blogging about her for VERY good reason. That first on was well behind Only Fans time and now in the wonderful year 2022 she's actually NOT on America's favorite website in OnlyFans. She's actually doing her own website with exclusive content that you can find the link to in her Instagram bio. Some would say this a rebel move. I say it's genius. There's no problem with Ms. Cook being an Only Fans renegade. Credit to her.


#2 Jas Juice

Alright listen…I don't know if this is immature or not, but I kinda find the name Jas Juice weird. Simply the word juice gives me the heebie jeebies when it comes to the Only Fans world yet this is based solely off of pure beauty. I'm gonna assume her name is Jasmine, right? So Jasmine is, as you can see, one of the most beautiful women in the world & luckily enough for us she's rocking away on Only Fans as well. She actually has 2 separate accounts- one for us poors to follow for free & then another account for $20 spot. Normally I'd say the $20 price tag is steep, but I mean…

#1 Mati Marroni

This should be no surprise to anyone after yesterday's Mush the Line! If you're willing to come take time out of your day to come to Barstool HQ to be interviewed about Only Fans by idiots like me & Jersey Jerry you simply HAVE to be this week's #1 model…it was out of respect. It was always Mati Marroni. It was always Only Fans. We will not mention this assault by Rone while we showed them around afterwards. Very sad. Whatever!

We had a wonderful discussion about 2 of my favorite things- Only Fans & Burgers which ya can check out below!