I'm Going To Blog Every Single Nic Deslauriers Fight And There's Nothing Anybody Can Do To Stop Me

Gerry Thomas. Getty Images.

Do me a favor real quick and just look at the knuckles of Nicolas Deslauriers. That is a man who is doing everything in his power to bring back old time hockey. A man who gets suited up every night, finds the biggest and baddest dude on the other team, and drops the gloves like a champion. Kurtis MacDermid, Jamie Oleksiak, Milan Lucic, it doesn't matter. He's almost constantly at size disadvantage, but that's not going to stop him from running through every heavyweight he can get his hands on. So last night when the Ducks made a trip up to Calgary, it was time for Nicolas Deslaurier to do what he does best. Chuck some knucks. 

The guy just gets after it. He could easily go after some smaller guys and just start rocking everybody's shit that way. But it's almost like he has height and weight requirement for whoever he's dropping the mitts with. Gotta be at least 6'3" and 230 for Deslauriers to treat your skull like his personal punching bag. Which makes every fight awesome because as well as he can throw them, he can also take them. 

By the way, these two went at it earlier in the season back in October. Same exact thing. Just two big boys both staying in the saddle and throwing as hard as they possibly can at eacch other. 

That's 8 tilts on the season so far to Deslauriers. My promise to all of you is that I'll blog every one from now on. Still plenty of time left on the regular season for him to rack up a few more and hit that 20 piece. 

Sidenote: 8 wins in a row for the Flames. Can't wait for Johnny Gaudreau to bring the Cup to South Jersey.