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(VIDEO) Patrick Mahomes Needs An Intervention

Listen I know this gets talked about all the time and I don't want to sit here and pile on but it's legitimately tragic what's happening to Patrick Mahomes. Just straight up getting an earful courtside probably same night they're renaming half the campus after him. You didn't even let me finish the punchline or something of that atrocious nature. PATRICK. Honestly just take me out back and shoot me if I'm Patrick Mahomes. He can escape a world class pass rush on pure instinct and intuition yet he's still sitting in the same chair taking the same beating as the rest of us. What's the say about life? 

I'm not entirely sure. And I certainly don't want to overstep my bounds with the speculation but that's just a terrifying scenario playing out on ESPN in front of our eyes. And rather predatory camera work/production might I add. They really let us soak up a full bodied marinade of Mahomes relationship drama. Have they no company values? 

Fortunately we found a lip reader:

Getting bitched at sucks. Good luck on the PJ home.