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VIDEO: Bull Doesn't Give a Shit about Cyclist Right Of Way

This is Just a huge L for the cycling community. I cannot fathom why any cyclist would not just give the gigantic bull a wide berth. 

This just sums up cyclists' attitudes on the road. "The cars can't touch me I have right of way" Well the fuckin bull doesn't give a shit.

Its crazy because the cyclists were seeing this guy take multiple people out and still were testing him.

The only way I can understand getting that close to a bull like that is if they passed many cows on that trail and they didn't bother the cyclists. Then they didn't realize it was a fucking bull with rocky mountain oysters hanging between its legs looking to take people out. In trying to figure out if any of these cyclists were killed before tweeting this out, I found out more about the whole situation. (Thankfully it wasn't a cycle snuff tape)

This is the founder of the "Rock Cobbler" which 

Here is one of the victims who apparently thought the Bull was a cow.

So apparently the photographers were not warning the bikers about the bull who was taking people out. Crazy no one yelled to warn him there was a Bull trying to hit like a truck in the bike path.

I mean bikers can sometimes be assholes, its ok to laugh.