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Juan Soto Turned Down a 13 Year, $350 Million Offer From The Nationals

Rich Schultz. Getty Images.

ESPN Deportes - Antes del actual cierre patronal en Grandes Ligas, los Washington Nationals ofrecieron al jardinero dominicano Juan Soto una extensión por 13 años y $350 millones de dólares, que aparentemente no impresionó mucho al pelotero y sus agentes.

La oferta de un pacto que comenzaría a correr en la temporada del 2022, no incluía dinero diferido, dijo una fuente de los Nationals a ESPN Digital. De haberse cristalizado, Soto cobraría un salario promedio de casi $27 millones de dólares hasta el 2034, cuando tendrá 36 años de edad.

"Sí, me hicieron la oferta hace un par de meses, antes del paro que tenemos en el béisbol", dijo Soto el miércoles a ESPN Digital.


First things first, I just realized how much I wish I could blog in Spanish. How do we not have a Spanish blogger by now? Seems like a huge miss. We got 7 white guys with beards who blog about the Cleveland Browns, but zero hispanic bloggers? Insane.


But anywho, heres's the translated version for all you gringos:


Before the current Major League lockout, the Washington Nationals offered outfielder Juan Soto a 13-year, $350 million extension, which apparently did not impress the player and his agents very much.

The offer of a deal that would start running in the 2022 season did not include deferred money, a Nationals source told ESPN Digital. Had it materialized, Soto would earn an average salary of almost $27 million until 2034, when he will be 36 years old.

"Yes, they made me the offer a couple of months ago, before the strike we have in baseball," Soto told ESPN Digital on Wednesday.

"But right now, me and my agents think the best option is to go year after year and wait for free agency. My agent, Scott Boras, is in control of that situation," he added.

"Anyway, in my mind I still have Washington as a place I'd like to spend the rest of my career. We'll see," said Soto, who is eligible for free agency after the 2024 season.


Turning down $27 million a year until you're 36 years old is certainly a bold decision. A bold decision until he realizes he'll get $35 million a year if he waits until free agency. So no, you can't blame the 23 year old for not inking the deal. He wants to bet on himself and by all means he should. I mean he was the best player in baseball for the 2nd half of last season, putting up Barry Bonds types of on base numbers. But unfortunately the Nats are in a state of rebuild, and Soto might not want to wait around for that.

However, you have to believe the Nats will be matching whatever the top offer is for him come free agency in 2024. So if they can develop a plan and build a winning team, maybe he will be true to his word and spend the rest of his career in Washington. 

Or possibly he will out-price Washington, who showed the key to winning a World Series is elite pitching and a good lineup, but not overspending on one individual player like Bryce Harper. 

Do I expect Soto back in DC? It's obviously impossible to say right now. I think he did the right thing for himself turning down the extension, but I do not think that means he doesn't want to be here. Plus his agent is Scott Boras so you know he wants that contract to read a smooth $500 million. Going to be a fun couple of seasons of "he's going to look great in pinstripes".