The Glorious Italian-Style Hospitality At The Iconic Food Boss' House Was Everything You'd Expect & More

Yesterday we took everyone's favorite show at Barstool Sports, Mush The Line, on the road to the ICONIC Food Boss' house. I'd be shocked if you haven't seen this fella cross your TikTok feed as of late, but if not he's the literal man. A hilarious Italian man that chefs up in his beautiful kitchen like NO OTHER. Our guy has been absolutely killing it as of late with nearly 150k IG Followers & a milly on the Tok.

As you can see he clearly goes all out 24/7/365 and we just knew we had to get our hands on some of his grub so we made the arrangements to do the first ever travel version of Mush the Line live from the very kitchen Food Boss operates out of. From the second we arrived the hospitality was just what you would expect at a Sunday dinner at Food Boss' house although it may or may not have been a Tuesday night. We were greeted with what he called a few rounds of Italian egg rolls to kick off the day. We went both sweet & savory as we were served one with Nutella, strawberry, and bananas on top of one jam packed with cheese...I gotta say the cheese one was OUTRAGEOUS. A Perfect starter to the meal.

Once Mush the Line began we were served a BEVY of delectable items. Lobsters (we were worried there'd be no lobsters), shrimp & lobster oreganata, an outrageous chicken on the bone in a cream sauce, veal parm, filet wrapped with bacon, and most importantly his famous garlic bread amongst other things. After the show we sat down for quite some time to discuss what was in the Food Boss' future & I gotta say the man his it figured out. Awesome dude & family from the top down. My fingers are forever crossed that wasn't our last time at the Food Boss compound.