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Making A Hungover Matthew Stafford Go To Disneyland With All His Kids After The Super Bowl Is Cruel, Cruel Punishment

I don't care if you won the Super Bowl, this is flat out cruel. We need a better plan than sending these guys to Disneyland the day after partying all day. It's punishment to have to go. Let them all come after the parade, make it a week long thing. It's not like we'll forget why they are there and who won the Super Bowl. Plus, we still get the 'I'm going to Disneyland' line at the end of the Super Bowl, which I still have a soft spot for. 

Here's my biggest thing too. Do these people not realize how much it sucks to take your kids somewhere? It's a pain in the ass. Sure seeing them all giddy warms even the coldest hearts in parents, but the process of packing shit up, getting everyone into a car and then chasing them around a park all day? Yuck. And doing it hungover? That's punishment! This isn't a treat! Matthew Stafford having to sit on a merry-go-round and go in circles while barely being able to open his eyes isn't how a Super Bowl winning QB should be. 

I speak for parents everywhere that can relate to trying to handle a kid with a hangover. It's not fun. You do anything and everything to keep composure. Want to watch 3 hours of television? Go ahead. You just fight until nap time and hope you can sneak in a quick nap too. That's always the goal. Stafford apparently partied at Drake's place until 4am too. I don't care who you are, when you hit a certain age, basically over 30 or so, staying up until 4am stays with you for days. Vet move by Stafford and the guys rocking glasses.

Let the guys party for a week and then Disneyland. That's my new crusade in sports.