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We Cannot Take For Granted Just How Ridiculous It Is That The New York Rangers Went From Henrik Lundqvist To Igor Shesterkin

So last night for the non-hockey folks the New York Rangers & the Boston Bruins played a fucking AWESOME game. The first 2 periods may have been a tad boring after the Rangers returned from an odd mid-season 2 week break, though the 3rd period was action-packed. It fucking ROCKED thanks to a bunch of sick saves from Jeremy Swayman and, no disrespect to Swayman, more importantly Igor Shesterkin. As he's been all season this guy has been the closest thing to a brick wall...He might as well be related to a talking brick wall. It's truly remarkable. 

And last night was probably the coolest moment of his young career after he seemingly had to come out to get checked for a concussion after his in OT.


Once the OT period ended our new king rose from the ashes and returned from the concussion check-up to fucking ROCK the shootout only letting up 2 goals over 9 rounds. Listen to that fucking crowd! We love Igor. We love Sam Rosen's little chuckle. We love it.

So we must not be ungrateful for this embarassment of riches Hank to Igor has been. We quite literally went from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers just as seamlessly as the Green Bay Packers (minus the rings for Henrik I get it ha ha so funny). Now today we rejoice because last night was fucking awesome. Let's get that man his Vezina.