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Charles Barkley Claims He's Going To Retire In 2 Years Because He 'Doesn't Want To Be Sitting Over By Shaq's Fat Ass Waiting To Drop Dead''

That's it folks. We have two years left of the best show on TV. Inside the NBA is a staple and it's always on because these guys just get it. They know how to shoot the shit, make fun of each other and have Ernie Johnson pretend like he has to be a dad to three former NBA players - two of which are Hall of Famers. It's sort of crazy to see Barkley is going to retire in two years. He just seemed like one of those guys that would do this forever. He seems like someone who is always in the content game and down for going on TV, getting his jokes off and having some fun talking hoops. Hard to argue with a man like that even if some of his breakdowns are wildly off. 

But if there's one way to announce you're going to retire it's this way. Chuck just can't say yeah I think I'm done in two years. Oh no, he has to call Shaq a fat ass. I'm sure Shaq will fire back about rings, because that's Shaq's only go-to rebuttal. It's why I love this. Chuck probably shouldn't be the big brother, but it reminds me of a big brother/little brother fighting. Chuck knows exactly what to say to get under Shaq's skin and deflect the rings argument. It's beautiful to watch play out. 

I also just assumed Chuck would be around until Draymond joined the show. Let's be honest, no matter what you think of Draymond, he's next in line for this spot. He's actually good at it too. He's not retiring in two years. No way. I just want one year of Shaq and Chuck teaming up to dunk on Draymond. Give me that interaction for one year and then let Chuck hit the golf course. 

Obligatory video

I have an idea where Chuck can enjoy working a little bit in two years though…