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Prominent NBA Writer Says Al Horford May Have Just Singlehandedly Ended Joel Embiid's MVP Campaign


DAMMMMNNNNNNNN! The Sixers got absolutely cockstomped at home in a single game by the Celtics, but I didn't know it was THAT bad. Jalyn Brown was unstoppable. Jason Tatum is elite. Shit, even Aaron Nesmith (who?) looked like a damn All-Star out there. But Al Horford is the one who ended Joel Embiid's MVP campaign of a season that hasn't been seen since the days of Wilt? 


Why? Because this esteemed, non-biased basketball expert said so, of course! Al Horford's 6 points on 2-6 shooting has CASTRATED Joel Hans Embiid's effort towards a MVP. 'Tis a damn shame. 

Oh, this non-biased basketball expert is more saying Horford's defensive presence is the reason for Joel Embiid's MVP evisceration. That's fair. Al Horford has been Embiid's doughy Kryptonite in the past. Can't argue that, even though we're mostly talking about 2+ years ago when Embiid wasn't in his prime yet. This year, Horford held JoJo to a respectable 18 points in a game earlier this season in a C's W before Joel morphed into his full 30/10/40" dick form. That was followed by JoJo going 40/10 in a W vs. a Horford-less Celtics with Enes Kanter attempting to do sports. And in the contest before last night Embiid went 25 and 13 in minimal minutes over Big Al as the Sixers won by double digits. However, unlike how we're able to objectively look at last night in the grand scheme of the reality, that was just one game tho...

No Marcus Smart that game, too, so if we use Boston logic we have to say that contest didn't even take place. But last night, judging by how Al Horford ENDED Joel Embiid's MVP campaign, he HAD to have shut down the big man to the point of no return, right? Well just take it from this non-biased take from "The Celtics Just Went Into Philly And Beat The Absolute Piss Out Of The Sixers" blog last night: 


Wait a second…is this totally unbiased basketball expert saying Joel Embiid was a non-factor…when the center had 19 POINTS IN 26 MINUTES??!??!?!?! Oh, shit, I didn't see 13 of those points came on free throws. Now I get it. It makes perfect sense! Just like how runs scored on singles, touchdowns made on the 1-yard line, and goals sniped on penalty shots don't actually count, neither do points from the charity stripe. Embiid basically wasn't even on the court let alone disrupting the flow of everyone and everything by going to the line 16 fucking times in less than 3 quarters of play. The 9 boards and 6 assists in 5-8 min under Joel's normal workload is absolutely pathetic, too. AL HORFORD RUINS LIVES BWAHAHAHAH!!!

To each their own. Hey, the Sixers got whooped by the Celtics on their home floor. Good fight, good night. For as much as some non-biased NBA experts are claiming the Celtics have won the universe, it's one game. 2-2 season series and I'm sure these two teams will meet again. We'll see if the C's can keep on shooting over 56% from the floor with a franchise record 25(!!!) three-pointers swished.

Now let's sit EVERYBODY against Milwaulkee, get healthy over the All-Star Break, and never lose a Goddamn game again. CUE IT!

PS - Rone, Brandon Walker, and myself talked about the entire Harden/Simmons drama and more fun stuff on this week's First Time, Long Time (recorded before this mess, obviously). Come thru. We'll hang up and listen.