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High School Kid Breaks Out A Damn Backflip After Drilling A Three With A Few Seconds Left .... Cuts The Lead To 40

Breaking out a backflip after drilling a three is unbelievable, especially with the ball in the air. I was confused the first time I saw this, looking around to see if it was a game-winner, how much time was left and all that. Then I saw it. The three cut the lead to 40. I'd lose my mind if I was his teammate. Dude is out here breaking out a backflip and we've scored 26 goddamn points in an entire game. You can't do a backflip down 40. I don't care what level of basketball you're playing, backflips are reserved for winners. Speaking of winning. The other team giving him a standing ovation? I hope it was very condescending. You don't cheer for the equivalent of other team walk-ons. You win that game by 50 and get your bench guys launching threes. 

I kinda want to go watch this full game. Not because it's interesting or good talent, but the announcing crew. Who is calling this game? Why is it on TV? I have a lot of questions regarding that. It sounds like a terrible comedy when they pretend to announce games. Need more of it. Need more backflips too. Just not when you're down 40. You gotta clean it up.