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Kentucky Got Its Ass Kicked For 40 Minutes Annnnddd......It Means Nothing

Let me clarify something about the headline. It only means something if TyTy Washington is seriously hurt. Once again he played limited minutes and had to leave the game with a leg injury. There was no reason for TyTy to play this game. I said it on Bench Mob, I said it on Twitter before the game, there was no reason for him to play. This game means nothing for Kentucky because, well, it's just a fact. Kentucky came into this game 3rd in the NET, 3rd in KenPom. They'll fall to 4, maybe 5 in NET and probably fall to 4 in KenPom. 

Of course I want to beat Tennessee. It's dumb to say I want a loss. But the fact is a loss means nothing. Kentucky is still the last 1 seed or a top 2 seed. There's still a path to a 1 seed considering they have 4 more quad 1 games on the schedule in the regular season. It's why this loss just doesn't matter in the moment. It's true. You're going to hate it, but it's true. 


Now, I'm incredibly pissed at the effort. That's pretty clear. This is why getting TyTy Washington is the most important thing for this team. They just fall off a cliff without him out there. With him it gives them another shooter and keeps Grady free. Without him it means Sahvir Wheeler has to do more than he's capable of. It means Davion Mintz has to be the second ball handler instead of Washington. It throws it all off. I'm actually pissed Washington even played tonight. There was no reason for it since he was clearly not 100%. You could tell in the first 2 minutes the way he was moving. Should have just sat him and let him go at home against Alabama. 

Give me Tennessee in the SEC Tournament and make this the last game of the regular season. The fact is March matters. Just get healthy and get ready for March. 1 seed or 2 seed or 8 seed. It's all matchup dependent and being healthy. Take care of half of it now.