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The Celtics Just Went Into Philly And Beat The Absolute Piss Out Of The Sixers

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.


James Harden asked, no demanded, to become a Sixer. He got his wish and then got a front row seat to one of the biggest ass kickings you'll ever see in professional basketball. If he's going to be a part of this "rivalry", it was good that he was able to get a lesson of how these things usually go. Now I know what you're thinking, you see a score like that and say to yourself there's no way that Joel Embiid played in this game. He's unstoppable! He's the MVP! He's had a billion games of 25+ points! The Celtics were without their starting center! 

Well, the thing about that is Joel Embiid was technically in the building, but I'm not sure he played. I might have missed him

Oh, he played 26 minutes and only made 3 shots? Damn. That's unfortunate. For now the second time in three meetings against Al Horford, Embiid has been a nonfactor. Went just 5-13 in their first meeting and you obviously can read the graphic above. This was supposed to be the latest test for a Celtics defense that has been playing out of their minds. I'd say they passed with flying colors. 

I can also be a little honest here. The Celtics have not shot the ball like this maybe ever. In fact, I can say that with confidence considering their 25 3PM was the most ever in franchise history. Threes on threes on threes for a team that has a very large sample size of not being able to shoot. It's an outlier performance in that regard but that's about it. Everything else is just more of what we've been seeing since the calendar turned to 2022. Tatum and Brown continue to play fantastic baskteball and still very clearly give this Sixers team all sorts of issues. They combined to outscore the Sixers through three quarters. Thybulle was a non factor, Green did nothing defensively, and after that what do they have on the perimeter? Is the thought that the perimeter defense suddenly improves with a 34 year old James Harden? Yikes. 

But look, you have your MVP in the lineup and you get run off the floor to the tune of a 48POINT LOSS, that's tough. All while the Celts were missing two starters after Smart got hurt? Also tough. 

Of course, we'll have more in the morning. For now, enjoy 9 fucking wins in a row and all the Celts Kool Aid your heart can handle. This team is for real, and they just showed the world.