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Am I Supposed To Be Scared Of Jon Scheyer After Watching Duke Blow A Lead At Home And Then Get Miraculously Bailed Out (Twice)?

Let me allow a little bit of applause for Mark Williams. Nice dunk or whatever. But this is a bigger picture here. Am I supposed to be scared of Jon Scheyer? Am I supposed to be scared of Duke? You know what I watched tonight? A Duke team blow a massive lead at home to an much improved yet just okay Wake Forest team and then get bailed out by that and then this shot (and review): 


For those wondering why I'm talking about Scheyer, it's because this happened: 

Listen, no one wants a man sick but fuck outta here with that goat emoji. Just say the update. Now what makes this collapse and bailout even funnier? The fact this report was released today. 

I'm supposed to be scared of what I saw? I saw a collapse. I saw a bailout dunk that may or may not have been offensive goaltending on the first move. 

Side note: Steve Forbes just gets it. Dude was made to coach at Wake Forest. I have a soft spot for Wake since that's where my old man went and them just being irrelevant for a decade plus sucks. Forbes is gonna have them back at some point, especially with quotes like this.