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Donald Trump Is Getting Into The DJ Game And Has "Y.M.C.A". As His Secret Weapon

NY Post - Former President Donald Trump has named Village People’s 1978 disco hit “YMCA” as his top pick for when he DJs parties at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida because, as he put it, the song gets “people rockin’.”

“You know, I’ve played beautiful music. I love Broadway stuff … ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ ‘Les Mis,’ etc. … You know what gets them rockin’? ‘YMCA,'” Trump said on an episode of the “Full Send Podcast” that was recorded Wednesday at the Palm Beach resort. 

“‘YMCA,’ the gay national anthem. Did you ever hear that?” Trump asked podcast hosts the Nelk Boys. “They call it the gay national anthem. ‘YMCA’ gets people up and it gets them moving.”

Could not possibly agree more.

There are a handful of songs that get the people going, or as former President Trump says, "gets them rockin'."

And YMCA is definitely towards the top of that list.

I'm a little bitter about the song because I've been forced to play it out of tradition at Wrigley Field for seven years every time an opposing pitcher gets yanked. 

(Sidebar- stop tweeting at me and DMing me to stop playing it like it's my choice. It's a 40-year tradition. Act like you've been to Wrigley for me one time. And stop questioning an "Unsung World Series Hero" (Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune's words, not mine.)

So over the years the song's kind of worn on me. 

But there's no denying that it gets 40,000 people going no matter what the score at the ballpark.

And it gets them going on the dance floor no matter the occasion or venue.

The secret to DJing isn't difficult. 

I can break it down into a few simple rules.

#1- Keep the girls dancing.

Nobody cares what guys want to hear. Fuck the guys. You get the women dancing and enjoying themselves and everything else falls into place.

#2- Play what everybody else wants to hear. Not what you want to.

Pretty simple right? You'd be amazed at how many dorks think their taste is superior to the crowds and that they're gonna tell the crowd what they want to hear. If an ego-maniac like Trump can understand this simple rule than everybody should.

#3- Learn to read the crowd.

Just because certain songs work one time doesn't mean they will always. You have to be able to see what's working in the moment, what's not, and adjust.

That's why playlists never work. 

No matter how much time you put into them, the set never unfolds how you plan.

#4- Don't blow your load too early.

I tried explaining this to Chief back when he was trying to tell Clem it needs to be played early at wedding receptions (wrong).


You don't want to save all the hits for later when you've lost people or they're starting to leave, but you don't want to drop the bombs before everybody's showed up or hit the floor either. There's a science to it and understanding it separates the shit DJs from the greats.

#5 - Nobody wants to hear you screaming on the mic every two minutes. Nobody cares you can scratch records.

That's shit DJs admire about other DJs but 99.9999% of ordinary people don't give two shits about. IN FACT, they get annoyed by it and just want to hear the song.

I don't think I've ever wanted to see somebody DJ more in my life than I want to, and need to, see the former POTUS. 

If we could do a Backstage Episode with him even better. 

If his people are reading this. Reach out to my people and we can set it up. WSD@BarstoolSports.com

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