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The Biggest Thing Holding The Chicago Fire Back Is Not Singing A Great Love Song Like They Do In Columbus

In the words of Chris Farley...that was...AWESOME

I have said it a thousand times (probably actually twice) on twitter that the only thing European sports do better than American sports as it relates to fan experience is the singing. They sing the entire game. It's my possibly favorite tradition about my favorite English team, Nottingham Forest

Jump Around at Wisconsin...awesome. We just need more of that here. I really REALLY would love to be a Chicago Fire fan this year. They're playing at Soldier Field which is way more convenient than going to Toyota Park, and won't have nearly as many fans as the Bears games so all the issues with seeing the Bears at Soldier are gone. The Fire need to make gameday better and have traditions like we see above. They've got a lot going for them now that they play in the city, they have a gazillionaire owner who bought a Swiss team too and that is already paying dividends. No idea if the team is good, but that doesn't matter so long as game day is an awesome experience and if the Fire fans (point me to the best ones on twitter please) could organize themselves into an a capella singing group for 90 minutes I would be there all the time. I love getting drunk, singing, like an idiot, and watching sports. That is why I go to Declans a lot. Get the Fire to sing Fire And Rain, Ring of Fire, I'm On Fire, We Didn't Start The Fire, or Light My Fire or all of them. Just get people singing and more people will come. That is my advice. And if you want even better advice, have that Gazillionaire owner pay the right alderman or whoever he needs to get the soccer stadium at the Lincoln Yards site back on the table because that would take them to an entirely different level if they were a neighborhood team.