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The GOAT Turns 50 Today And Is Still Going Strong

February 15, 1972. A day in which the course of human history would be altered forever. A day in which a god was born amongst men, and would go on to become the greatest legend we've ever witnessed. Multiple Stanley Cup championships. 766 NHL career goals. 1,921 NHL career points. And he's probably wheeled twice that amount of rockets. Jaromir Jagr is a force that defies nature, and is still a professional hockey player today as he turns 50 years old. 


Jaromir Jagr is truly built different. Part human, part machine, part sex god. The type of guy who almost put Jif and Skippy out of the peanut butter business just because he rubbed some on his nuts one time and decided to get into the PB game. 

He grew up wanting to become just like his idol, just like his favorite hockey player of all time. Who also just happened to be Jaromir Jagr. 

Safe to say he did his idol proud. The hair. The Jofa. The black Tuuks. The gigantic ass. He's an absolute stallion on and off the ice. We may never see another quite like him. So here's a salute to 50. And another for 50 more.