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Bullying Works: Horizon League Smartly Changes Their Rule To Let UIC Play In Conference Tournaments After Getting Roasted On Twitter

[Source] - The Horizon League’s Board of Directors voted today to restore eligibility of UIC student-athletes for all League Championships.

“I credit our League’s Board of Directors for prioritizing UIC’s student-athletes despite UIC leaders’ continued actions regarding their move to another conference,” said Commissioner Julie Roe Lach. “The response from UIC leaders has been disappointing, disingenuous, and inconsistent with our League values. At the end of the day, our League’s Board of Directors realized that UIC leaders were not going to take any action to restore eligibility for their student-athletes – including by making a simple request to the Missouri Valley Conference to enter in 2023. So our Board chose to exercise their authority to grant the student-athletes an exception to the agreed-upon bylaw.”

UIC’s decision on January 25 rendered their student-athletes ineligible for League championships as the result of a specific Bylaw that UIC itself sponsored and then voted to approve in 2013. UIC had known for months that failing to provide a one-year notice would render its student-athletes ineligible.

Finally. Finally we have some common sense in college sports. A couple weeks ago the Horizon League announced that UIC was banned from competing in conference tournaments. All because of a rule, that yes UIC played a part in, that could easily be changed. I don't give a shit about what was voted on in the past. It's time for America East and CAA to follow this. You have Stony Brook banned in America East and James Madison banned in CAA - all because these teams are moving to a different conference. 

The fact is the people you are punishing the most are the athletes. You know, the kids that everyone in college sports scream they care so much about. We're 3 weeks or so out from conference tournaments and the Horizon League decided to ban UIC a couple weeks ago. How is that fair for students? It's not. It's all about money, which is what college sports has always been about. It's why I yell about NIL and why I don't give a shit if people get paid. 

So good for bullying. It works. Everyone that likes college basketball or works in the college basketball world screamed at the Horizon League for two weeks about how goddamn stupid this was. You can tell the Commissioner is still pissy, but at least she's recognizing it's a play for the students. Now we just need to bully the CAA and America East into doing the same. 

Oh and I'm 100% cheering for UIC to win the Horizon League Tournament now. I don't care if they are going to be like the 7 or 8 seed. The Horizon League is always mayhem. I want to see the commissioner hand the trophy over to UIC. Plus they have a fire jersey and court. That should be good for at least one win.