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Thoughts And Prayers For James Harden Who Was Apparently Sent To The Brooklyn Nets Against His Will

Lying >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Listen, if you're going to be a villain, you may as well lean allllll the way in. It's something LeBron should have done when he first got to the Heat instead of trying to be a guy everyone liked. There's nothing wrong with being a sports villain, and James Harden clearly gets that. There's only one small problem with how Harden is telling this story.

Now I do think Harden would have been open to either PHI or BKN, but given the history with Morey and the Rockets you can understand why they didn't move him there and instead chose the BKN package. Also, because ya know....that's where Harden said he wanted to go. So you can see how funny it is that now that the Nets experiment didn't work out, Harden actually never really wanted to be there in the first place. I have to admit, I commend hit commitment to being the villain. It's almost like he thinks none of us were alive when he demanded his way out of Houston. 

Obviously player intro press conferences are like the first day of school. You're going to say all the right things and pander to your new fanbase. Literally every single player in this situation does it. It's the norm. There's just something so funny about how Harden is trying to have this sort of revisionist history of how he ended up a Sixer. Let me ask you this, if Kyrie Irving was a full time player and KD didn't get hurt, is Harden demanding a trade? The Nets most likely are atop the East in that scenario, something tells me none of this happens. But the reality is the Nets are a shitshow, Kyrie is a part time player and KD is hurt. As we know, Harden wants the easiest path possible to his only championship, so now you see he always wanted to be a Sixer and never wanted to be a Net. That's pretty convenient! 

All I know is we as fans deserve some sort of PHI/BKN playoff series. I don't care where it happens or in what round. We need it. Imagine if it's in the first round? A 2/7 matchup isn't all that out of the question given how tight the race is and the fact that the Nets have some work to do in order to get out of the play in at the moment. Shit, even their regular season matchups later this year are going to be must watch stuff, but can you imagine how insane things will be in a playoff series? Imagine if the Sixers don't win it? Then they enter the offseason worrying about Harden's free agency. The whole thing is must watch TV and part of that is having a true villain. It sure looks like Harden is ready to be that guy.