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Stephen Colbert Went Off-Script and Brought Jon Stewart To Tears Thanking Him For The Last 16 Years Of The Daily Show

You just know the entire month leading up to this, Jon told everyone working on the show not to have any sort of touchy-feely moment like this. Jon doesn’t like want to be thanked, at the end of the day he just sees himself as a comedian, though he understands that he’s much more to so many people. The number of successful careers he launched from the Daily Show is astounding. The opening segment when they all came back was a who’s who of comedy. And all because Jon hired them for his show. So many people, both in comedy and every-day folks who watched him every night, owe him so much for changing their lives with his show. You don’t accidentally do a show every day for 16 years- it takes a little bit of talent and a lot of hard work. And from seeing him film his show in person, I 10000% agree that he is infuriatingly good at his job. It was jaw-dropping to see him work. So Jon now rides into the sunset, to New Jersey, to spend more time with his family. We all know he’ll be back in comedy at some point, he can only help your kids with their homework so many times before his mind will to wander and he’ll get back to work. But for now we thank him for all the laughs…and for giving us Steve Carell. Man do I love Steve Carell.