Insane Video of a Guy Bailing On His Motorcycle And Cheating Death Just a Second Before a Bullet Train Was Going To Obliterate Him

NY Post

A motorcyclist in India narrowly avoided death after a high-speed train rocketed through a railroad that he was trying to cross — missing him by inches. A video of the harrowing near-miss is currently blowing up online, according to Jam Press.

In the harrowing clip, shot on Feb. 12, the unnamed motorist can be seen trying to drive his vehicle across the railway in Maharashtra, Mumbai, before the locomotive arrives. The rider makes it about halfway across before slamming on the brakes — apparently realizing he wasn’t going to make it in time — whereupon both man and bike topple over onto one of the tracks.

I think sometimes we forget just how powerful trains are. I know that sentence sounds silly to say out loud because we're talking about a 15,000 TON vehicle that moves the same speed as a goddamn car on the highway. Still though, are people not intimidated by trains anymore? Do humans think they're tougher than trains? Fucking trains! The video above makes me think the answer is yes. Warning barriers are clearly down and this buffoon thought he was good to go making it across the tracks on time. One of the worst judgement calls I've ever seen with an automatic death greeting him if he continues on his mission for another second. 

I got a question....are the "train is coming, get the fuck out of the way" sound and the striped barriers no longer good enough indicators to avoid train tracks? That sound isn't a suggestion, it's a warning that you will die if you stay on these tracks. Somehow over the years we lost that knowledge. Well, I think I've got an idea to fix this. How about putting this video on a loop up on a big screen right above the tracks for every person to see. If you walk any further you will not get as lucky as this idiot. Guarantee not a soul on Earth even thinks about chancing it moving forward. 


P.S. Imagine a world where we didn't have train track warnings. People just getting annihilated by trains left and right. What a wild time that must have been. Let's get back to respecting trains.