My Engine Could Not Be More Revved For The Daytona 500 To Be My First NASCAR Race This Weekend

So this weekend we got a great group of fellas going down to Daytona to enjoy the sights & sounds of the Great American Race...the Daytona 500. I, quite literally, could not be any more excited if I tried due to the fact that pretty much anyone who's done a NASCAR event in the past at work has told me it couldn't be any more up my alley. We're gonna have fast cars. We're gonna have good food. And rumor has it that there will even be some drinks to be had. If that doesn't sound like one hell of a weekend then I don't know what does. Although as Large tweeted as well we don't really know much about the actual scene down there in Daytona...what are some spots we need to hit & things we need to do?

Being fairly north in Florida (above Orlando at least) I could see there being some good barbecue to enjoy, no? Moral of the story though- it should be an absolutely AWESOME time. Large, Spider, Marty, Eddie, and I is a great group of fellas with Spidey leading the charge as our NASCAR aficionado! So come say whatsup if you happen to make your way to the race this weekend & let's have a time. Also we are betting Denny Hamlin to win the race. Thank you.