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The Secret To Providence's Absurd Season Has Finally Been Revealed - It's All Thanks To Taylor Swift

Emma McIntyre. Getty Images.

You know what? This all makes sense now. Providence is playing over its head. They are having an absurd year. You can't say off to a hot start because we're in mid-February and Providence is still 21-2. Are they lucky? Sure, to a degree. It is weird how many close games they are playing and keep winning, but all that matters is the winning. While metrics hate them and people want to scream about that, they also are playing their way to a 2/3 seed in the NCAA Tournament. But now I know why they keep winning home games. 

Taylor Swift. 

Say what you want but Taylor Swift has jams. 

These are just a few. I'm leaving out obvious ones because there are far too many to put in. All I know is if Providence beats Nova tonight for the 22nd win, they better, they BETTER, blast 22, my personal favorite song because I'm obsessed with the number 22. Thanks, Randolph Childress. 

Tonight's going to be wild too. A win by Providence basically seals up the Big East regular season. You have a chance for a top-10 win and really get people talking more about Providence besides being lucky. It's one thing I love the Big East, they play a true round robin. Really wish every league was like the Big East and Big 12. Thanks a lot, realignment for ruining that for me. 

All I know is this is how you create a homecourt advantage. You find something that people get going to. For Providence it's Taylor Swift. Even Ed Cooley knows it. 

PS: Big miss by not throwing this in the DJ mix with everyone talking about Providence being lucky: 

PPS: Taylor Swift (along with Clem, KFC and Kmarko) is also how I got this job. First blog published here was from my old site that tiered college basketball teams by pop stars. I'll always have this picture of Taylor Swift as a thank you. 

Nicky Loh/TAS. Getty Images.