“The (Nets) Locker Room, It’s A Great Vibe In There Now. Everything Shifted After The Trade Deadline. Everybody Likes Everybody” - Bruce Brown Launching A Missile At James Harden

This was Philly earlier today:


Seems like an extremely rare trade got pulled off in the Deal Zone last week. Two petulant assholes were traded for one another and both teams were so fed up with whom they were trading away that they both openly embraced the newer, different type of asshole with arms wide open. On this Valentine’s Day night it truly gives one hope that there just might be somebody for everybody after all.

Bruce Brown also should probably treat the Nets locker room as more of a spectrum of emotional potential as opposed to something so steadfast. Think of it more like New England weather than speak with such permanence. Just give it five minutes I’m sure the temperature will change dramatically. 

To go full Bill Simmons and turn this into a vomitus stew of pop culture references: think of this situation like the Kanye-Kim divorce right now. Except instead of Kim K it’s another Kanye. Both Harden and Ben Simmons popped up with their Julia Foxes and are screaming to the world that they’re happy. I don’t know who the Antonio Brown is in this situation, for comparison’s sake let’s just say he’s Kyrie. No reason in particular. Tobias Harris can be Pete Davidson because I don’t understand the appeal of either of them.

Anyways, congrats to the Nets for snapping their 11-game losing streak. At least they’re having fun out there.