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Jordan Peele's Next Blockbuster 'NOPE' Looks Like The Next Skin-Crawling Alien Invasion Movie We Need

I'm not entirely sure what happened in that trailer, but I'm very much into this. More like yup. An alien invasion movie from the mind of Jordan Peele? Where do I sign? He's already smacked two home runs with 'Get Out' and 'Us' so there's no reason to think this won't be incredible itself. He's earned my trust, let's cook. 

Here's what I like the most about Peele's movies. They are ORIGINAL. These days it seems like Hollywood is just filled with remakes of movies or unnecessary sequels for the sole purpose of a money grab. That's not what Jordan Peele is here for. His shit is unique, creative, thought provoking, and flat out good. 

Also, when's the last really good alien invasion movie? There's really only a handful of ones you can look back and think it's worth a rewatch. In a tier of its own is obviously Mars Attacks! Only half-kidding, but no you're looking at Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Signs, and Arrival as the ones that stand out. Cloverfield too, although those feel like different kinds of movies to me. I've got a good feeling 'NOPE' is about to join the ranks of those blockbusters based on what we've got here. 

Great thing about this trailer? I can't really tell you a damn thing that's going on other than aliens invading. Some people have tried to predict what the title means and have gone with No Of Planet Earth, which feels correct. 

There were some clips in the trailer alone when parlayed with incredibly terrifying music that made my skin crawl. This one in particular. 

Honestly, this scene might be too obvious to be an alien moment. Probably some kid in a mask based on the way Peele does these movies.

I still don't think I've gotten over seeing Signs as a kid. The birthday party scene? Absolutely fucking not. I think 'NOPE' is going to lean on that type of eeriness in an original, mysterious, terrifying kind of way. Take my money.