Joe Burrow Wasn't Going To Let A Loss In The Super Bowl Prevent Him From Vibing Out On Stage With Kid Cudi At The After Party

I know people will get mad or have some take about the Bengals having a Super Bowl party despite losing. It happens every year. What are they supposed to do? Go watch film. Hint: block Aaron Donald more. No, they are still going to celebrate making a Super Bowl. Joe Burrow said so himself. He's going to celebrate with the guys and that's what he did. Let me tell you something, he nailed it. No extreme dancing. He knew the vibes. Hands in pocket, some hand movement tops. That's the go-to dance move. It's clear he has a go-to win dance and a go-to dance when he loses. You can see the difference: 

Giphy Images.

Even with the loss, Burrow was the breakout star of the playoffs. Hard to argue against that when the quarterback spot is LOADED in the AFC. But the man took a beating, kept getting wins and kept showing out. As much as I hate the Bengals, even I have to say something nice about Burrow and what he did. Shit he was an inch away from pulling out one of the most ridiculous passes in Super Bowl history. 

I still don't understand why Mixon wasn't in the game, but Perine, man, lay out for the ball. Make a little effort here. Maybe a little more effort here and we get happy Joe Burrow partying instead of one with sad hand movements. I know Kid Cudi and Burrow are boys, but gotta think the next step for the Bengals is to find a Cincinnati artist for their parties. Might be limited to Walk the Moon or Nick Lachey, but there's gotta be someone else out there. I'd put it at number 2 on their offseason list behind get offensive line help. 

A+ dance moves though. Biggest takeaway from the video. 

Correction: This is the only musical entertainment needed for Super Bowl parties from here on out.