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Eminem Was Giddy As A Little Kid Talking To His Idol Al Michaels

In a word: adorable. I mean that with the utmost sincerity. Eminem was fighting off the world’s largest smile chopping it up with Al Michaels. Damn near pleading with the man not to retire. No joke I think it’s about a 90% chance Eminem never watches a football game again if Michaels hangs up the microphone. That’s how big of an Al Michaels Superfan he is.

The interesting nugget in here wasn’t that Michaels might retire from broadcasting. Sounds to me he’s got himself a nice transition into the gambling world already lined up and that’s going to be electric. Him hiding his bets in plain sight all these years has been one of the best Easter eggs of every game he’s ever called, but him flipping the switch and going full degenerate is going to be incredible. Wherever he goes, you can bet your bottom dollar the President of the Al Michaels Superfan Club Marshall Mathers will follow.