I know y'all may think whatever of me, shit Ive heard all types of things. Im not a hood b*tch. Im not a "generous hire". Im not a role model. Im not my doctor sister, nor my Marine brother. Im not any one other than exactly who I am. And I am not a success story……. yet. Im not just a pothead. Not just a writer, actress, model or a content creator. I am also a musician. and Music is what I love the most about life. My "For Hire" EP is here. and This 6 track EP discusses my journey through life, from what I was to what I am. I wrote songs on here about what my friends, and I myself go through. New loves, heartbreaks, new opportunities, failing, succeeding, holding on and letting go. Getting hired at Barstool definitely inspired me, on recording this album. I had been holding on to a few songs for so long, and just wanted a release. 1.) FWU was made in less than 10 minutes at the studio in Inglewood, California at 4am. It's produced by a London producer named Spacey Blak, who called me to come record 4 hours before his flight back to the UK. He made the beat right in front of me, and I immediately felt moved to write. Before I knew it, only 5-10 minutes had passed and I had poured my whole heart out on the mic. (As artists we tend to black out a bit during the recording process). I sent the guy who inspired the song the track, and he replied with "hm, that's cool." LOL. FWU is about meeting someone new, and all the feels that come with it. My love life definitely inspire me so much in my music. "Im all party, You are all business." was inspired by my crush being all about business, and as everyone knows (or should I say, thinks they know) Im the party girl. We're so different, but it seems opposites attract, because I couldn't seem to get enough of him. 2.) Shrooms & Casa (prod. Dilliwas wrote at dinner 15 minutes before I had to go to studio, and is about having a good time with your friends, lover, whoever. Its about feeling confident in who you are, and loving your life. It's one of those feel good tracks to play in the whip when you headed to a cool function with the homies. 3) For Hire is the track title and holds true to it. Full of bass, bumping, and grinding. It's one of my favorite tracks on the tape for sure, showcasing my lyrical ability. 4) So Texas (prod. XayScottis that dope ass chill track, I recorded recently as I freestyle in the booth. Knox was there, and it was his first time in the studio and seemed to enjoy it. 5) Chalk It Out (prod. XayScott) is more personal track than the previous, showing a deeper side of me. As I spit about the troubles I went through and what Im currently going through.. I didn't care to make a catchy song, I just wanted y'all to feel me. 6) Get Stoned (Let Go) was not written at all. I locked myself alone in the booth with a bottle of Henny and a joint. I allowed myself to feel, to hurt, to hope.. to release. I spit my deepest thoughts on the mic, not clearly how it flowed.. yet all stemming together in a raw, emotional, way.. it ends the EP perfectly.