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Anybody Who Insinuated That Sixers Legend James Harden Was Faking His Injury To Get Traded Should Go Straight To Jail

You guys ever hear about a little thing called "slander"? It's when you make a false statement that could damage someone's reputation. I didn't go to law school but I'm pretty sure you can end up going to jail for willfully or knowingly making defamatory remarks like that. 

So when folks were out there saying that James Harden's hamstring would magically heal just because he was finally able to get himself out of that circus in Brooklyn...

...well those statements are wildly egregious and false beyond belief. Because as much as we'd love for James Harden to make his Sixers debut tomorrow night and help the squad kick the Celtics' ass, he won't be available until after the All Star break. 

James Harden is many things, but a dirty rotten no good filthy liar is not one of them. Ben Simmons, on the other hand? Well he's the type of guy who has neither honor nor integrity. He'll lie like a rug to make sure he doesn't have to play in front of a Philly crowd ever again. 

Sure, James Harden already looks fantastic at the Sixers practice facility. Looks like he could probably drop a cool 30 tomorrow night if necessary. But that hamstring still has to heal, and Daryl Morey didn't tamper shit. So quit saying anything on the contrary. He didn't rig shit!